Vegans and vegetarians in London, England, United Kingdom


Vegan from London, England, United Kingdom

Vegan for 3 years, been vegetarian since I was 10 years old. Made the choice for the animals, but am very interested in health (yet not living the health lifestyle, sadly 😅)


Vegan from London, England, United Kingdom

Determined to get healthy, looking for my journey to be less lonely.

mr vegan

Vegan from England, United Kingdom


Vegetarian from Knebworth, United Kingdom

Been veggie for 24 years and now cooking more vegan food. Love to cook and try out new recipes and finding new veggie & vegan places to eat out in London


Vegetarian from Knebworth, England, United Kingdom

Photographer who has been vegetarian since the age of 17. Love animals more than people!

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